I’m not a doctor nor do I aim to be a blogger strictly focusing on health content. But, I do have a condition called PCOS which goes hand in hand with Insulin Resistance (Read my full story here). Having PCOS has given me a better insight to what it’s like to actually be healthy and I’ve shifted my confidence away from looking at a scale. Here on my blog I hope to raise awareness for PCOS as 1 in 10 women struggle with it and there is no cure except for helping to suppress symptoms. On the internet there is no real voice of a teen girl struggling with PCOS, yet in almost every description of the condition out there it talks about teenage girls, so that’s where I’m here to help.

My focus is not just on those with PCOS or Low Carb/Low Sugar but for all teenage girls. My blog as a whole in every area, whether its books or fashion is meant to provide a safe authentic place on the internet where REAL girls are able to read a REAL unfiltered perspective – no strings attached.

I’m always up for a chat! Email me at [email protected]

Here’s a directory of my health related posts:

PCOS: My PCOS story and diagnosis (ft. before & after pics), My second 3 month health update talking about the good and the flat out hardest parts of PCOS,

Confidence: Be Careful You’re Double Chin Is Showing (pre-pcos diagosis), Flawless vs. Flawful (pre-pcos diagnosis), Bathing Suit Confidence – Head first, fearless (post-pcos diagnosis), Pep Talks To Start or End Your Day, Post PCOS Diagnosis health update

Recipes & Eats: Chocolate Brownie Mug Cake & Whipped Cream (PCOS, Low Carb/Low Sugar friendly), Shamrock Shake (PCOS, Low Carb/Low Sugar friendly, high protien), Quest Peanut Butter Cups Review (PCOS, Low Carb/Low Sugar friendly, high protien, bought in stores), What I Order At Panera – Low Carb Edition (PCOS, Low Carb/Low Sugar friendly, high protien, eating out), Cheesecake cups (PCOS, Low Sugar), Pumpkin Muffins (PCOS, Low Carb/Low Sugar/Dairy free), Pumpkin Spice Latte (Low Carb/Low Sugar/Dairy Free), Cupcake Mix (Low Carb/Sugar Free/Dairy Free/Gluten Free), Lemon Berry Slushie (Sugar Free),