Day 2 of my Letters To Freshman series with my lovely friend Hannah who JUST started a blog!! Be sure to go and show her some love!
Without further ado…..


Hannah Payne is a senior in high school from sunny California. Besides being Varsity Cheer Captain, Yearbook Editor-In-Chief, and Student Body Vice President to name a few, Hannah recently launched her lifestyle blog, Practically Imperfect. She has a special place in her heart for the Class of 2018 because her little brother (who’s not so little anymore) just began his freshman year. Hannah is so thankful to be part of Smart Girls Group where she had the opportunity to become friends with the lovely Maggie Royce! You can find Hannah on social media @hannahgpayne or on her blog at

1. BE YOURSELF. Confidence is key, freshies! You’ll be meeting so many new people whose personalities are on every end of the spectrum. Don’t change to fit in. By being confident in who you are, you are bound to meet people who are drawn to you just because you’re you! Also, make an effort to be friends with everybody! Don’t just stick to your core group of friends, but reach outside of your comfort zone and chat with that cute guy in your geometry class or that senior who has really great style! No joke, this is training for networking in your professional life!

2. PUT IT IN PERSPECTIVE. It may not seem like it, but high school is just a blip on your timeline of life. Five years from now, it is highly unlikely that anyone will remember your embarrassing moments. Everyone had them and there is no need to stress about them! Remember to put your academics first, because a) that’s ultimately the whole point of school and b) excelling in academics is what will open up so many doors for you in the future. Work hard and if you get the chance, take classes at your community college. Not only are you eligible for AP credit, but it allows you to explore an interesting subject field that might not be offered at your high school.

3. ENJOY IT. These four years will go by fast! It seems like yesterday that the Class of 2015 was nervously beginning freshman year. There’s nothing like high school, so make lots of memories and appreciate every moment. Before you know it, you’ll be a senior giving advice to the Class of 2022!


The Class of 2015

Thank you again Hannah!!