This might sound bad but lately I have had no motivation to blog. Spring break has been the best, most needed time off but I am ready to be back into the routine of life.

I kicked off Spring break with my Seventeenth birthday! Normally I would have done a full “It’s my birthday” post but my day consisted of not one, not two, not three but five different tests and quizzes in my six classes. Insane to say the least. We celebrated the night before as a family by going to my favorite Mexican restaurant in downtown Raleigh.

Friday night I was off on a plane kicking off this next year of 17 my favorite way: traveling. My mom & I took a quick, and when I mean quick, I mean less than 48 hours trip to Washington, DC! Saturday was filled with college tours but every second possible we were exploring the city.

The rest of spring break has been sleeping, working out, sleeping, finally reading some books, actually watching TV (shocking!) and wait for it: sleeping. Wednesday a good friend and I actually day tripped to the beach which was more than perfect.

I was back at the beach this past weekend to celebrate Easter at my grandparents! Saturday was all beaching and then Sunday we celebrated at Church in the morning then dinner.

School is back in session tomorrow (boo!!) but I have less than 38 days until summer then I am a senior and junior year is over!!!! Until then I have a good amount of craziness with some fun thrown in. AP exams are on the horizon as well as regular exams, but most importantly comes prom! I’ve been the head student for planning and while I love it, I’m excited for it to finally be here.

I cannot wait to get back into the routine of posting and have some fun content coming y’alls way!