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Sunday Downtown

May 29, 2017

Dress c/o // Bralette // Sandals – Similar

Last weekend Sunday morning church turned into church + brunch + day full of exploring. Not going to lie my friend Katherine and I were absolutely avoiding the inevitable studying for exams. We got up early and got all ready for service, afterwards we brunched at The Raleigh Times, one of Kat’s favorite places to eat. Technically Raleigh is a “city” but most of the time it just feels like a bunch of big buildings no “hustle and bustle”. But when Raleigh does have things going on, like last weekend, it actually feels like a city. Raleigh has tons of art festivals, which we wandered around, got temporary tattoos and pet a lot of dogs.

This dress was sent to me from Tobi, which I’ve actually loved going through their website & have featured them in my prom dress post. I’ve always been intimidated dressing trendier but I’ve found a bunch of trendy, but still “me” pieces on Tobi.com. I fell in love with this flowy white dress because it was so effortless and the navy blue embroidery was my style while still fitting with the trend. I also cannot stand when my bra strap shows so I have fell in love with wearing bralettes, over my bra, to pull of the off the shoulder looks.

Anyways, it’s summer and I cannot wait to post regularly. Aiming for twice a week but who knows, could be more!



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