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Coffee Talk: BREW Cary

Jul 31, 2017


While sometimes it is easy for me to complain about living in Raleigh, one of the best parts are the crazy amount of quirky coffee shops. My best friend & fellow coffee addict Kat now have a coffee shop bucket list of places we want to try and are slowly making our way down the list.

On my list was BREW, a trendy coffee shop with two locations in the Raleigh area. One of them being in downtown Cary, attached to an old referbished movie theater. I always used to roll my eyes at downtown Cary because of the constant construction and that nothing was ever going on. But slowly they have been revamping it & I camped out in the small library for the first half of Junior year.

BREW was packed but Kat and I found a small cozy corner to talk our afternoon away. I ordered an almond milk latte, really any place that has a good almond milk latte automatically wins & it came in a mason jar. Great coffee + cute aesthetic  = happy basic teenage girl. Something that adds to the awesomeness was the incredibly helpful staff. I can’t have dairy (a tragedy I know) or caffeine and the staff was super helpful to work with me to find a drink that I could not only eat but enjoy!

Proof that I really liked it? I went back last week with my mom and again, it was awesome.

If you live in the Raleigh area, leave suggestions for other coffee shops to add to our list & I’ll share my thoughts!