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How To: Difficult School Dress-Codes

Aug 3, 2017

As someone who has navigated a tricky school dress-code for four years I have learned the in’s & out’s of difficult dress-codes. I’m such a rule follower that it is my absolute goal to not be dress-coded my entire time in high school & I haven’t been called down to the office yet! My schools dress-code tends to change a bit each year but the overall concepts are the exact same: professional, clean and modest. Because I do dress pretty conservatively already it isn’t a huge issue but there are a few things I have learned.


The most important thing I stress is finding pants that fit your body type & that fit your dress-code. This has taken many years of trial and error but the Old Navy Harper & Pixie pants both are a great pick for girls with curves. I’ve had my Harper’s since sophomore year and they still look good, investing in good solid pairs helps in the long run.

Sometimes, actually a lot of the time I am incredibly lazy getting dressed in the morning. I probably shouldn’t admit that on a blog with fashion content, but I’m a Seventeen-year-old girl so it’s true. Junior year was the year of effortless dresses. While some of them aren’t the most flattering, I relied on baggy dresses which I wore year round.

As someone who does like to have fun with clothes though, accommodating to dress-codes can be irritating to “fit trends,” which is where unique details come in. I have found myself not shopping at thrift stores for main pieces (i.e. shirts, pants, skirts) but for accessories, shoes & jackets to spend less yet change outfits completely. I found a vintage colorful Brooks Brother blazer freshman year that is one of my go to pieces for changing up my wardrobe in the spring. Another find was a pair of C Wonder (RIP) chevron block heels that aren’t high but add a major pop to any outfit.

It’s easy to complain about dress-codes, trust me, I know. But the more you learn to “suck up” the idea of “baggy butt pants” and work with what you have, the easier it will be. You may not be wearing the latest style of off the shoulder tops every day but it does make wearing them on the weekends more fun.