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Saying No & Giving Grace

Oct 1, 2017

Why hello old friend, I’ve missed you. No. Really. I’ve missed this blog and clicking away on my keyboard to overshare my life with y’all. This past month has been insane. September of Senior year is no joke, to the point that my planner had absolutely no white space and I was additionally writing on sticky notes.

If you know me, I hate the word “No” I’m more of a YES!!!! kind of girl who wants to help and be involved in absolutely everything. I love being busy, I love feeling needed and wanted and I love the sense of purpose that comes from “going” non-stop.

Plot twist: that doesn’t work when you’re a Senior in high school. I started the school year committed to this blog, head of my school’s homecoming (2nd year in a row!), a lead volunteer position, mentoring, teaching cotillion, taking 3 (technically 4) AP classes, applying to 8+ colleges and keeping my grades up….. all while having this little (sarcasm) thing called PCOS which means health is: working out almost daily, meal prepping, getting full nights of sleep and keeping low stress. Oh and maybe a social life thrown in.

Only three weeks into school I had to make the decision to cut back. At this point we were a month away from homecoming with so much to do, I was on my 7th draft of my common app essay and in August I had not spent a single weekend at home. My health made me feel weak and I was irritable with absolutely everyone.

So, I had to say no. I sorted out my priorities, dropped out of an AP class with a teacher I love but had too much stress, dropped my volunteer position and decided to take some time off from my blog I said yes to working out as much as I could (CycleBar – I love you!!) and learned what it means to give yourself grace. I forced myself to stop using the words “stressed” and “overwhelmed” – which still slipped out every once in awhile but it helped me to become more aware. I deleted Facebook and YouTube off of my phone, discovering more free time. I prioritized a family vacation over homecoming planning, walking along the beach for 4 miles without any technology. Was everything perfect all of the time? Nope. But, I was able to plan the most attended dance at my school ever (breaking my own record,) actually ate lunch with my best friends and prioritize what truly matters.

Now comes October: the month of finishing college applications and really focusing on this blog. (Let me know if there is any content y’all would like to see!!) October is synonymous with fall, which means new seasons and new changes. While this month may be less hectic it is still surely busy and I’m looking forward to a different change of pace. I’m sad to see homecoming go, seriously that event is my life, I’m excited for all of the fun ahead.