Graduation season, as a graduate, is weird and happens all at once. It’s a slam packed weekend of parties which means giving a lot of graduation gifts to friends. I tried my best to make grad gifts personal instead of a gift card, which is great but I love trying to find the perfect gift.

Books // I received quite a few books this past year that I’ve loved buying for friends. Hannah Brencher’s new book “Come Matter Here” is one I’ve LOVED and “Emily Ley’s Grace Not Perfection” is another favorite.

Art Prints // This is another fun gift as my friends and I have been planning our dorm rooms for next year as a “coping method” to Senioritis. So I’ve known what colors/things they’d like and have found some fun quote prints for them to hang in their dorm. It’s another personal touch that serves as a fun reminder in the future.

Journals // My friends know me well and I received many journals which will be used and treasured. A friend gave me a Rifle Paper Co.  notebook with a set of pens to journal my first semester of college and I am already excited to use.

Car Scentportables // Now this one sounds weird but having a bunch of guy friends meant finding grad gifts they would actually use and like. They LOVE their cars so getting them a Bath & BodyWorks Scentportable with a few different car scents was a hit. It was personal and also practical, but even better: Bath & BodyWorks is always having really good sales on them.

I’ve compiled a Pinterest Board of some of my favorite graduation gifts to give with a few more ideas, that are actually cool.