June was a busy month yet weirdly slow all at the same time! My summer is extra long this year from mid-May to the beginning of September so I have been working almost every day to make the most of it. Plus I just really, really don’t want to be a broke college student.
We kicked off the month with a much needed family beach trip where I slept a lot, ate a lot and read a lot. Our family took a much needed rest on island time on Bald Head Island and Oh my do I wish I could be back.

The next week was crazy as not only did I work a ton but I traveled to New York City to have a bunch of meetings in 12 hours. I shared my thoughts after the trip here and then I am writing a full recap on it’s way! But to give you the brief: so many pinch me moments for the most surreal time.

Then came a hard work week of A LOT of hours and pretty much no sleep schedule?? I met up with friends for a movie night which was amazing to have our gang back together and spent my first full day off in awhile at the lake with friends. Amidst all of that I had a bunch of #sweatdates with friends. Working at two boutique fitness locations means I have an obnoxious amount of free workout classes and have been taking advantage of them with friends.

The following week had more work (50+ hours) with a little bit of play as my close friends and I went to see Luke Bryan in concert! The concert was good but I loved getting to laugh with my girl friends and do not regret the CookOut stop after! I haven’t had a lot of fun friend time this summer so prioritizing these moments makes them extra special.

Then came the fourth of July with our family’s annual 3rd of July fireworks and beach day. I immediately had my wisdom teeth out the following day and have been in the sweet (but sore) ice cream bliss of two fabulous weeks off. (Can you tell I work way too much??) Now I’m snuggled up, surrounded by pillows, ice packs & a bunch of sugar free popsicles and am fully enjoying the time away from 5 am shifts at work, despite the wisdom teeth pain.

With that being said working a ton has made me realize just how much I love blogging and it has become so much fun to write content on times off! Look forward to more content soon as I’m planning a lot ahead.