Fashion content??! What?! Maggie’s actually writing fashion content??? Hi! It’s still me!

If you didn’t know I wrote fashion based content, for awhile. It was my thing. I was over opinionated about clothes in middle school & then transferred to a very conservative high school with a very difficult/specific dress code where my fashion sense was lost. I will be writing an entire post about this entirely, but in short: I didn’t want to write fashion content on the internet & didn’t feel “fashionable.”

Guess what? Y’all still ask for fashion content. I’m not the most “hip” girl in the room, but with a pretty curvy and short body type, I’ve gotten tons of requests for fashion based content. How to dress cute while still being curvy? How to transition your conservative Christian school wardrobe to college? What outfits require the least amount of effort? Those questions, my friends, I am happy to answer & share my two cents.
However, I don’t like the world of fashion blogging. I personally don’t even read any fashion blogs. I don’t like fashion content where a blogger posts a few pictures of herself wearing some clothes, dropping an affiliate link or two & that’s the entire post. I want to read writing & y’all seem to as well.

I’ve also wanted to share some of my faith based content with y’all. I’ve received a handful of requests to share a bit more in depth about the topics I briefly touched on. So, in the spirit of doing my truth, I’ll be sharing a bit around here. And what better way to share two different genres of blog post I’m not 110% confident to share than combining them together. Don’t worry, my blog isn’t going to turn into some Bible thumping space where you’re gonna think I’m some southern preacher. I’m not here be  hypocritical, just trying to do my thing as best as I can. Trust me, that’s not my style. I just want to share two aspects of my life (faith & fashion) I’m trying to broaden and grow in. So hey, why not write it.

And this way, if you don’t want to read faith content, you get a fun outfit post!!! 

Dress (sold out but I love this one) (you might recognize it from my graduation post!) // Sandals (My all time favorite sandals ever. I get constant compliments on them, they give this 5’1″ girl some height & are super easy to walk in.) // Sunglasses (HIGHLY recommend Warby Parker’s prescription sunglasses if you have to wear them. So good y’all. So good.)

I began doing a Chronological study of the bible at the beginning of this year. I made it through the known “hard books”, I’m looking at you Exodus & Leviticus & Numbers & Deuteronomy & actually loved the “difficult ones” because of the rich history in them. Ruth is an all time fan favorite & Job holds a special place in my heart which made them easy. But then, then we came to the Psalms. Coincidentally my personal study with the Pslams coincided with my youth group’s study of Psalms, I hear you God. You wanted me to read the dang Psalms. I get it. I almost gave up on Chronologically studying & let it go for a month because I was so annoyed.
In short: I don’t like the Psalms. But I’ve come to have my own love for what I believe to be the most repetitive book in the Bible (which is saying something, I’ve read Isaiah.) I finally gave it a go, began watercoloring throughout the study & developed a rhythm.

If ya don’t know, I talk about it a lot, I work the 5:15 shift most mornings which requires a 4:05 am wakeup & then a 30-ish minute drive to work. So I made the effort in the few random minutes when I get to work early to read a few. Sure, I definitely slowed down my “Bible In A Year Plan” & it wasn’t the world’s most inductive study, but I finished the dang Psalms. Yeah the Psalms are repetitive & almost all complaining filled with random optimism, but that is also the 5:15 shift. It is filled with a never ending repeating cycle, it has a lot of complaining but a lot of greeting clients: “good mornings” & “have a great day.” So this is me, telling you, I finished the Psalms & hey I actually like them & have actually seen how they intersect with my daily bubble. While I finished the Psalms a week ago, my

Also if you can’t tell I love a good pun/dad joke so this palm/psalms reference made me super happy. Please don’t judge me. Or do, I really don’t care.