If you know me in real life then you’ll know I began planning my dorm room in March. Crazy? Hmmm maybe just a little. Having a large amount of friends who are graduating college has made me itchy to decorate a dorm room of my own for a veryyyyyyy long time!

Another thing you probably know is that I love color: I’m pretty much a minimalists worst nightmare. Bright colors, fun patterns & an obnoxious amount of quirky quotes are sorta kinda  a dream for me so I knew my dorm would be nothing less than a total party. In fact when friends have asked what colors I’m doing for my dorm or my “dorm theme” as we’ve all dubbed it, I simply say: “like a Mexican fiesta threw up” or “the inside of a classy piñata.” My friends were not surprised. And my color loving mom? Completely on board.

So I present to you: the inspiration for my dorm room, a very classy piñata.

What does the inside of a classy piñata look like? A palette of basic colors: navy blue, white & gold with lots of fun pops of color (various shades of pink, kelly green, orange & other blues.) While my other friends were deciding between shades of gray and pastel blue & pink, I’m over here hoarding allllll of the pom poms and bright prints. I love the classic “preppy” colors: pink, white, gold & navy but didn’t want my dorm to be “basic” or anything Lilly Pulitzer-esque.

I knew that my dorm had to become my home but as an extreme hoarder, I know it can’t involve too much. That’s why, I present to you: the no-Tchotchke rule which makes dorm room shopping even more interesting. What is a Tchotchke you might ask? Tchotchke is the yiddish word for trinkets and little things of that sort that I am entirely trying to avoid. I love Tchotchkes and so dorm shopping has been full of “no’s” which means more of my decorations have to come from genuine pieces instead of “little extras.”

I’m counting down the days until move in & until I can show you my dorm but for now this is all I can say! I’m so excited to show y’all the inside of my happy classy piñata and expect so many other dorm posts ahead.