College is weird y’all. I know people have said to me in the past that it was weird but y’all as someone who just completed her first week of college classes & second week on campus I can fully attest that this is the weirdest but most fun season. I’m planning on doing a full life recap later to fill you in on allllllll of the shenanigans that has been going down but in short: I’m obsessed with my school, I want a nap & my planner is completely full, already. 

But in these past 2 weeks I’ve compiled a whole bunch of college favorites that have made the past two weeks even sweeter! Favorites posts are some of my favorite to read & I love writing them.

Papermate InkJoy pens // I was never a color-coder in high school when it came to my planner, I was more of a bright highlighter fan & only color coded my notes. Now, thanks to the set course syllabus I’m able to color code and I actually really enjoy it! These have always been my favorite pens but especially recently when I have been in classes where we are not able to type up our notes!

To All The Boys I Loved Before // If you know me you saw this coming. It’s nothing new that my obsession is crazy (I was a fan before it was cool, no big deal) and that I tweet about it a lot. However it is an amazing bonding tool for the girls on my hall who all also love it. What’s better than a chill night, Peter Kavinsky & somehow making friends in the process??? Nothing.

Come Matter Here // I’ve raved about Come Matter Here already a handful of times but it was one of the three books I brought from home when I went to school. I was advised actually to not bring any books at all but I seriously couldn’t leave this one at home. “Come Matter Here” by Hannah Brencher is an amazing read specifically focusing on life transitions which has been my go-to in this weird season. Even reading a few random pages before I go to bed has been a cozy reminder of Hannah’s words & feels like home.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation // I had amazing clear skin before I came to school & since arriving have had the worst breakouts. I went from sleeping a lot and not wearing much makeup to very late nights and a whole lot more makeup so it has been an adjustment for sure. I typically only wear my Tarte Shape Tape concealer and some powder but that wasn’t cutting it with my skin. Now I’m obsessed with this powder + my concealer as it covers everything up but isn’t as heavy as a typical liquid foundation.

Vionic Slip-ons // I bought my Vionics before my Seventeen Magazine NYC trip this summer so that I would have cute but comfortable walking shoes & after a far too long break-in time, I finally love them. I cannot recommend them ENOUGH to anyone because the walk across campus is for sure a walk and comfy but cute shoes are an essential. Also these are water proof which is perfect because ya girl is a klutz.

Prep Avenue Planner // It is my first time not-using a Happy Planner in three years so I was nervous but excited to try out my friend Shannon’s new planner company. Obviously I love supporting my friends on AMAZING ventures but y’all know how annoying I am about my planner. It took me a few days to get situated with it & with my new much weirder college schedule but now am obsessed with it!

Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter // I am officially one month gluten & dairy free (Will be doing a full post all about my adventures soon) and I’ve found that the secret is having good, “clean” treats on-hand and my personal favorite is the Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter! A spoonful before bed is the ideal protein filled dessert and an afternoon snack with apples in-between classes is another treat.

// I randomly picked this up at ULTA on a random trip because I wanted something light & easy but with color and this does not disappoint. It’s my go-to for feeling like I have my life together but really it’s a chapstick!

Skinny Pop Popcorn // I’ve always been obessed with popcorn & it’s my favorite ever so now that I’m gluten and dairy free Skinny Pop is my go-to. I get the little bags & keep them under my bed so I am not tempted to snack on it when I’m in my dorm, but Skinny Pop is a great date for a nice study session in the library.