Since I committed to Wofford back in March one of the first things I did was find absolutely all of the black & gold I could find. Maybe it’s growing up in the Triangle where big southern schools with obnoxious tailgates are everywhere but I’ve been excited. I realize how pathetic it sounds but after the annoyance that was the college app process, a light at the tunnel was cute game day outfits. Pathetic. I know. Our first game day was a required freshman tee shirt so it didn’t count but come our second official game day last weekend I was so excited to rock all of the black, white & gold.

This dress is one of my favorite game day finds which I bought at H&M. Not only is it the lightest material and perfect for the hot game days but I also got it for $5. I’m so grateful that black and white is trendy because it’s made putting together outfits for college a whole lot easier and affordable.  The clear and gold stadium bag is from Packed Party which is a super fun brand that I’ve been obsessed with for FOREVER, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know from my stories. My gold disc necklace and bracelets are from Moon & Lola (the Bristol Necklace & my charm bracelet) a brand based out of my hometown in North Carolina.

This year I’m actually super excited to be partnering with both Moon & Lola and Packed Party to share all of their amazing brand as a college ambassador. The brands both perfectly emulate what I love: bright, fun, positive and encouraging. I’m so excited to share these fun spirited brands and also a few discount codes along with them. Per usual I only share brands that I love and truly support so you can always guarantee that I’m only sharing products and brands I genuinely love. If you shop at M&L be share to use my code: BAFF20 for 20% off!