Y’all this has been a long awaited post and I am so excited to finally share! As I mentioned in my inspiration post this one has been a long time coming! A big thing I was adamant about was not matching my roommate, it sounds crazy but I really didn’t want it to be exactly the same and as a very independent person already that wasn’t appealing to me at all. Our dorm is in one of the “better” dorms on campus (if you know Wofford you know what I’m talking about) and even though we are the smallest room in the entire building, it is still incredibly nice!

I knew when it came to my room I didn’t want it to be cluttered but I really wanted it to be homey and bright. That meant limited nicknacks and a lot of photos. My room has a closet, which I’ll share eventually, which takes up a good amount of space but other than that under the bed storage is key!

Bedding: I found my bedding at the PBTeen outlets actually after my first visit to Wofford back in January of junior year. I knew I’d want some sort of classic navy bedding so it was a no brainer when we found it super inexpensively. The navy and white “base” was a no-brainer to me and I knew I couldn’t get sick of it. My bedskirt is from Walmart which saved tons of money as we knew we wanted to buy a bed skirt but y’all they are so dang expensive.

Headboard: My headboard is actually a hand-me-down from Shannon of Prep Avenue. As I’ve mentioned a handful of times before, Shannon and I are good friends from blogging turned family friends! Her brother ended up being a very close friend from high school and my senior year prom date. Shannon, now completing her master’s program didn’t need her headboard from her freshman year & passed it down to me. So my mom and I recovered the headboard with $15 raspberry pink fabric and the DIY took less than an hour. The shade of pink is my absolute favorite (Can you tell from my blog or something?) which created a fun contrast from my classic bedding.

Cubbies: Another thing I was terribly adamant about was that I didn’t want the “dorm cubbies” at all in my room. I couldn’t tell you why I was so adamant against the classic dorm cubbies but here I am now raving about them. My cubbies are easily one of the most handy things in my room. The cubbie one closest to my bed serves as a bedside table, the right side holds food and paper goods and the others hold random things you don’t think you need until you need them quickly. While my under the bed storage is great, having easily accessible cubbies makes a world of difference.

Gallery wall: I’ll be doing a full post on my gallery wall soon but in short: I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I’m a very sentimental person, as most of you know so having my people on my wall is one of my favorite things.

Pillows: Here’s the fun story, the pillows were the most difficult part of the room, by far. My mom and I were very specific on what we had in mind but also did not want to spend a ton at all!! We splurged a bit buying the PBTeen pom pom pillow, which we bought on sale and then my matching sham. Then came THE CACTUS PILLOW. Y’all this is worth a whole post in and of itself. My mom and I were very specific on what we wanted the “other pillow” to look like. We spent far too long wandering Micheals and browsing Pinterest to find THE “other pillow.” I swear we probably sound crazy. I didn’t want my room to be the stereotypical preppy girl with a monogrammed pillow but we also didn’t want to spend a lot. This is where Hobby Lobby comes in. We went randomly, found this cactus pillow which was pretty cheap & couldn’t tell if it was tacky or not. It took a day for us to really fall in love with it but the bright colors and tassels are now one of our favorites.

THE wallpaper: Because I moved in before everyone else, when other girls were moving in, I became known as the girl with the wallpaper. Now, I know I sound and probably look obnoxious and excessive, I have a story that goes with it. My mom and I found & fell in love with this wallpaper last April on MAJOR sale at Target. The gold dots were absolutely everything I could have dreamed of and for $10 we were hooked. Yes it did take 45 minutes to put up but it is easily worth it and I love having such a bright fun statement.

My quaint little bedside is home to my lamp from Target, this fake peony striped vase & one of my all time favorite pictures of two of my best friends! Above it is a quirky illustrated calendar we found at T.J.Maxx for $5 and these little details to my room make it all the more homey.

Next to my bed is my desk, which I’ll do a full in-depth tour of later on, which is my “hub.” Not only is it where I get work done but it is my landing spot before and after I leave my room! I’ll explain more in detail in another post but my desk is home to another Shannon hand-me-down, my hutch. Not only does it offer extra shelving but it adds a whole lot of height to our pretty short room! I also love having this inexpensive bulletin board from Ikea which makes a huge difference to the desk.

I promise I will talk even more in-depth about my desk later but here is one of my favorite detail shots! I found this frame for $7 and fell in love with how obnoxious and extra it was. My business card holder is actually from an old stationary set & I love the “Like a boss” sign from T.J.Maxx!

Next to my desk is a handy catch all from the kids section of Target! We got it originally to put by my bedside to store chargers, my glasses, Nook, etc. but moved it to next to my bed. Now it holds anything I could possibly need, including my wallets/clutches and whatever books I have to take to class! Having it right there means I can’t forget it  at all and can make sure it’s there.

Above my desk is this very inexpensive and cute shelf from Ikea along with a few art prints & my letter board! The shelf actually fell down yesterday due to some water damage from the hurricane (:P) but I’ll be putting it back up this weekend. The “reading is cool” print was a gift from my mom from History in High Heels & the sequin print is actually from my gals at Packed Party. I’m obsessed with their most recent collection featuring this sequin patterned and knew the colors matched perfectly with my dorm. They were amazing & sent me the pattern & now I’m repping a brand I am passionate about on my wall!

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected] or message me on Instagram/Twitter! Also let me know if there is anything you want to see more in-depth as I’d love to share.