There are a few things out there that have my heart:

  • City skylines
  • Almond milk lattes
  • Hugs
  • Really good deep talks with friends
  • A good workout class
  • Curling up with a good book

& the special needs community

Now that last one seems a bit out of the ordinary. I mean it’s pretty obvious that hugs are comforting & I constantly gush about my love for skylines, but the special needs community? That one isn’t as talked about around here.

No, it’s not as talked about around here & part of me even wishes I could talk about it more.
I’m incredibly grateful for my home life: growing up in a house where tolerance was not even needed to be taught but was to be expected. So, it only seemed fitting to find Gigi’s Playhouse, a down syndrome achievement center that had recently opened up in Raleigh. I ended up falling in love with the Playhouse and spent too much of my Junior year helping lead cooking classes & planning events. That deep love for the kids I worked with at Gigi’s ultimately shaped me.
Yes I know the classic story of a kid who goes on a mission trip or some sort of volunteer trip, they come back a “changed” person – a cliche as old as time. But for me, Gigi’s has offered such an eye-opening worldview & passion against the “r-word.”

So why am I all of a sudden gushing about this love of mine?

Because it feels like home.

In a time where there’s a whole lot of transition and change, (homesickness is real y’all but that’s a post for another day!) I went to a “Wofford Companions” dance. For three hours I danced like a fool with some of the sweetest special needs kids around. And that felt like home & I am grateful.
I don’t know what direction I was going when I sat down to write this post, but I can tell you that while I don’t 100% feel at home, Sunday night sure felt like it.

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