Vest (Similar) // Jeans // Top (Similar) // Booties (& similar) // Monogram

Y’all!!!! I could have sworn I already published this post, but alas my schedule-r didn’t upload and it completely slipped my mind! I shot these photos with my mom over fall break at a local pumpkin patch while picking out our seasonal mums. I feel so bad publishing fall content after Thanksgiving the Christmas season has just begun so, oh well!

This outfit, while seemingly neutral is completely out of my comfort zone! Starting from top down, I bought this vest a few years back with a Belks gift card and am so glad I bought it long enough to wear with leggings so it is covering. I have yet to rock it at school but now that it’s winter I think I might! My jeans are frayed at the ends (although you can’t see them in the pictures) which are subtly with today’s trends. While I am not one for jeans that show the knees I do love the small fray trend and feel like a complete rebel as my high school dress code was against any sort of distressed denim! These jeans are also great to throw on with slouchy long sleeves and booties to class & you look put together for class! I also loved these jeans for my NYC trip because they looked chic but weren’t breaking the bank!

Now onto these booties which have a funny story. My mom had them sent to me at school after she found them at Walmart, yes you heard that right! She found these before the trend even came about and when they arrived at school, they came in a huge ripped box. I carried it across campus to my dorm, where my roommate and I unboxed it and were shocked. We really didn’t like them and out of the box they seemed to be the tackiest things ever. It wasn’t until my trip to New York that I broke them out and completely broke my comfort zone! Now they’re not only a staple in my wardrobe but they are shared around my hall! My hallmates LOVE them (as do I!) and for my school’s gamedays they are now a staple.

My monogram necklace is a staple in my wardrobe from Moon & Lola which I now wear every day. It’s so lightweight and not obnoxious at all! I also love these tortoiseshell earrings which are lightweight and dainty but are also a gameday essential!

– Mags