I am so excited to be collaborating with the lovely bloggers over at PreppyByTheSea! Catherine & I both go to the same sleepaway camp, at different times of the summer. It will be my 6th year attending, as I began spending two weeks every year in 2nd grade. Safe to say I know a bit about sleep away camp up in New Hampshire with chilly mornings an amazing break from the Southern heat.

There are obviously the basics you bring to camp but there are also times when you think: why did I forget this?!!

Preppy Camp Sleepaway Essentials

Lip Balm (with SPF!), Spray sunscreen for quick touch ups, Bug spray (I bring a mini bottle) for hikes/camp outs, Comb, Cotton Rounds/Swabs for lots & lots of nail polish remover, Tide To Go since we’re teenage girls who love spaghetti, Floss picks, Hand Sanitizer

You may think it’s pointless to bring hand sanitizer but when you’re bunking with 12 girls in a small space there are germs and being sick is no fun. Cotton Swabs/Cotton rounds/Kleenex are commonly forgotten but with lots of teenage girls comes lots of nail polish & nail polish remover. Hopefully you bring a hairbrush but a comb is commonly forgotten, after spending sometime in the mud pit you’ll wish you had a comb to get out the dirt. You  will be thankful for your tooth brush holder when you drop it in the middle of the night in the mud, yes that has happened, multiple times.

What are your “beauty” must haves for a trip/camp? I’d love to hear your tips!