Brunching, obviously

So far I’ve taken this exact photo in London, Boston & now DC!

Top // Pants // Tieks // Bag (Kate Spade, old) // Sunglasses

I’ve been a city girl, ever since I was little and we took summer trips up to Boston. This year I took a sculpture art class and four of the many pieces I made this year were versions of city skylines. Then in my theology class we had to describe what is “breathtaking,” for me that’s a skyline covered in buildings. I could gush about them all day and the fact I’m listening to the “La La Land” soundtrack doesn’t hurt.

But back in 7th grade, I developed a major crush on D.C. Maybe it’s the quirkiness of Georgetown or the history everywhere but it as a piece of my heart. My mom & I took a trip to Washington D.C. over the first weekend of spring break (that’s how behind I am on blog posts) and my seventeenth birthday! I have a full recap post coming, I promise, now that I’m back a bit more regularly blogging. We only had 48 or so hours in the city, including a college tour and we made the most of it as much as possible. While I’m not sure where the upcoming college admissions process will take me, I’m excited to see where I’ll eventually end up!

On a totally other note, I am obsessed with these white pants. I bought them for my birthday, because they are meant for those of us who are short, a revolutionary concept really. The first pair of pants I’ve had that don’t scrunch up at the bottom and look super weird.

After this week I’ve finished my AP exams and now only have 3 classes so I am beyond thrilled, officially 2 weeks until I’m a senior! I’ve really missed blogging and the consistent routien which is something I’m so excited to get back to. While I’m not 100% sure on my plans for this summer I can definitely say that blogging is on my list of defintes. I also turned in my fifteen page proposal for my Senior Independent Study project – my blog! I’m looking forward to having my blog be one of my classes next year, to really focus on it.