I am a very big goal setting kinda gal. Here on the blog, I’ve gushed about my love for planners and other goal setting tools which I need to keep focused during my year. I’m a classic Enneagram 7 (which if you haven’t taken the test I highly recommend it) which means I am notorious for starting projects and not finishing them. I never thought I’d be a “Word of the Year” person because it isn’t a tangible goal and it is a COMMITMENT. I mean one whole word for 365 days?! Nope.

Last year the word “Delight” fell in my lap: my favorite verse ever in la biblia is Psalm 37:4 and it was the theme verse for Passion last year! It just fit and kept reoccurring as a constant theme. It popped up as a constant reminder in whatever I was doing and was a backbone of my transition to college which wasn’t easy. (Funny story, it was also the last verse they showed at my Campus Ministry’s Conference over new years on new years eve!!) So I was expecting that to just be the constant life “word” if you will. I didn’t need to focus on anything else: just keep going with the idea of delighting in anything that comes up.

Then came my Campus Outreach conference which brought a whole bunch of learning and joy with all of my college friends in my hometown! Some of my close guy friends walked me to my car one night and they were jokingly saying the teenage boy slang “full send” (just do it, go for it) and it stuck. I drove home thinking about that and it really hit me all of the things I don’t do well: finishing things and really going for it. I’m a very driven person and I love to talk about the things I want to do but to go full send? That looks like doing the thing, going for it, entirely and completely! What does the year of #fullsend look like to me? A year of committing to projects I want to follow through with, pursuing the things and people I love around me intentionally and finishing them! It looks like fully committing to where I am and taking delight in that.

What better way to kick off the year of full send? Getting on the plane on the 1st day of January to leave for South America for a month of studying abroad. Full. Send. All the way.

If you have your “Word of the year” for 2019, please let me know because I’d love to hear!!